(All levels with Dominique C.)

Learning Pilates exercises is safe and maximizes the well-being of people from all walks of life, from recently injured people to experienced athletes. Exercises are practiced while paying special attention to breathing and focus on working out the deep abdominals and strengthening stabilizing muscles and joint mobility. The Pilates Method aims to improve posture, muscle tone, and balance, and also helps increase coordination, flexibility, joint mobility, energy levels, while relieving muscle pain and reducing stress.

All levels: Classes are suitable for all levels of participants.

Prerequisites: Must have been practicing Pilates regularly for more than a year and have demonstrated mastery of the basic exercises (the instructor reserves the right to refuse access to participants who she deems not to be at an intermediate level).


Pilates with Dominique C.

She has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years and was trained at Stott Pilates. Her sessions are tailored to your goals and conditions. They can take advantage of the full range of Pilates equipment or simply the floor mat, and even the chair. An emphasis on mobility, breathing, posture, will be an important element in the classes. Clients of all ages and physical conditions describe her as friendly, imaginative and caring.



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