Rules and Sanitary Measures

June 14, 2021 UPDATE


  • We ask for your cooperation and ask you to arrive at the gym with your face covered, to follow the instructions for cleaning the equipment and to respect the distance at all times.
  • Free workout: face coverings or masks must be worn while in the gym. If you are 2m away from other clients or separated by a partition, you may remove your mask when doing your exercises.
  • Indoor group classes will resume on June 14th. It is mandatory to wear a mask or face cover while moving around the gym. The mask can be removed when the class begins.

Should you have a fever or COVID symptoms, you must stay at home and quarantine.

Rules for access to the gym

  • Upon arrival, you will be asked to disinfect your hands.
  • You will answer 3 questions:
  1. Do you have the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of smell?
  2. In the past 14 days, have you provided care or had close contact with a confirmed or suspected symptomatic case of COVID-19?
  3. Have you traveled outside of Canada (including the United States) in the past 14 days?
  • If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, you will be denied access to the gym.
  • The Coop will not provide towels, bottles, water glasses, or workout mats.
  • The Coop will not sell any products (smoothies, proteins, bars, etc.).
  • The locker rooms will be accessible for a maximum of 2 people at a time. Masks must be worn and distance must be maintained.
  • Showers are accessible. We ask that you notify the person at the front desk when you are taking a shower so that the cleaning can be done after use. Bring your own towel.


  • Indoors: Classes will be limited to 6 people in order to maintain distance.  Wearing a mask or face cover is mandatory until the class begins. Classes will be held outdoors weather permitting and we can accept more than 6 people (except TRX limited to 6 people at all times)
  • The walking group is held rain or shine.
  • In order to ensure your place, we ask that you make reservations. Priority will be given to those who have made a reservation. Reservations can be made up to three days prior to the date and time of the course. Reservations can be made through the Coop's website.
  • We invite you to arrive no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes before the beginning of the course to disinfect your hands and confirm your presence.

Free training

For your protection we limit the number of people in the free training room all times. One hour and 15 minutes training schedules have been set up.

You must reserve your space. Priority will be given to people who have a reservation. Reservations are accepted no earlier than three days before training day.

We ask you to arrive already dressed in your workout clothes no earlier than 15 minutes before your booking time.  This will allow you to desinfect. You must provide your training mat, your water container and your towel.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change without notice.

Sanitary measures

  • Each person is responsible for disinfecting the appliances and equipment used.
  • Weights, dancing ropes and elastics used must be deposited after use in the basin of soapy water provided. Employees/volunteers will be responsible for cleaning and wiping these items at the end of each time slot.
  • Since the use of fans is prohibited, they have been removed. Ventilation will be ensured by opening windows.