The Gym Rows! - Quite a feat!

The Gym ça rame! fundraising activity was a resounding success thanks to a large participation and the generosity of our hosts, Jeremy Fontana and Julie Zeitlinger, owners of Au diable vert.

The event held on Saturday, June 20, 2020 attracted thirty participants under a radiant sun and scorching heat. At 9:00 a.m. everyone was there to choose their kayaks and launch themselves on the cool waters of the attractive Missisquoi River.

The activity, organized in record time by Gym volunteers, received a very positive response from the members of the Coop. Our valiant captains managed to raise $ 10,104  from their sponsors. We are at a loss for words to express our gratitude to them for having responded in such large numbers and with such enthusiasm to this challenge. This colossal sum will be added to the other components of the financial package orchestrated by the Coop's administration to enable its post-COVID revival.

Once again, the solidarity and tenacity of the Sutton community have been there to accomplish great feats, bravo to all!